RUMOR!: Diamond Platnumz Dispels Rumors Of His Death With An Instagram Post

Yesterday morning, as everyone was caught up in the news of the death of Ghana’s Dancehall Queen, Ebony, another news surfaced that Diamond Platnumz is dead.

It was alleged that the Tanzanian hip-hop recording artist Diamond Platnumz, was rushed to the hospital after driving his Porsche into a ditch. He reportedly claimed he died in the hospital.

Well, unless dead men use social media, Diamond Platnumz posted a picture of his mum on his Instagram with a whole caption in Swahili, part of which we understood as I love you Mama.(Nakupenda Mama).

“Ijumaa Mubarak from my Beloved Mom @mama_dangote ��.. Kama unampenda mama yako andika hapo chini “Nakupenda mama,” it reads in Swahili.

Which Means:Friday Mubarak from my Beloved Mom @mama_dangote � .. .. If you love your mother write below “I love you mom,” it reads in English.

Look like it was his attempt to dispel rumours of his death. Live strong Diamond Platnumz and keep serving us with hits!!

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